Dempsey Tillman has a flair for drama, science fiction and the supernatural.  He’s one of a growing number of African-American emerging directors contributing diversity and talent to Hollywood’s film community.
 Fine-tuning his craft while working alongside Hollywood’s most respected and successful directors, Tillman has written and directed two award winning short films.   “Collector” starring the late Brad Renfro, has won 27 film festival awards including the NBC / Universal Shortcut film festival “Best Director” award and the Syfy Channel “Best Short” award.  “Collector”, a proof of concept, is based on Dempsey’s feature screenplay “The Blade”; winner of the 2015 Los Angeles Black Film Festival “Best Feature Screenplay” award.

Tillman’s follow-up short film “The Art of Human Salvage” starring
Edward James Olmos has won 5 film festival awards which include the
“Best Short Film” award from the 2016 Philip K. Dick Film Festival held in New York.  “The Art of Human Salvage” is a proof of concept based on the feature screenplay “The Art of Human Salvage” optioned by Dempsey Tillman. “The Art of Human Salvage” currently has 1.4 million views on YouTube.  You can also catch it on the big screen at the 2016 Long Beach Comic Expo – Geekfest Film Festival, Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival and the 49th Worldfest-Houston International Film Festival where it will receive the coveted “REMI” award.



Ted Dewberry is a writer that tells stories that are thought-provoking, have memorable characters and explore themes about the human condition.  “When people ask me what I do, I say ‘I hold up a mirror.’”, Dewberry says of his writing.  The films that Ted writes are created with the goal of inspiring and entertaining in a way that will stay with the audience long after they leave the theater.

Ted is known for Chalkboard (2011), Group Home (2008) and The Art of Human Salvage (2012)

DIRECTED BY Dempsey Tillman
WRITTEN BY Dempsey Tillman & Ted Dewberry

RED LIGHT, a scifi film inspired by a Florida man’s real life experience with extraterrestrials.  WRITTEN BY Dempsey Tillman & Ted Dewberry